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Safe and Healthy Farms

While it’s well-known that the ammonia odour is the most obvious indicator of air pollution in poultry and livestock houses, in this regard making sure that the animals’ bedding is clean is equally important as having a good ventilation system in place. Zeolite - Clinoptilolite is the ideal poultry / livestock bedding to get rid of the ammonia, to decrease the total number of microorganisms and to decrease the prevalent pH value.

Zeolite - Clinoptilolite:

  • adsorbs the ammonia in animal feces and urine at very high rates.

  • decreases the level of ammonia inside the poultry / livestock house to a great extent.

  • improves the microclimatic quality of the poultry / livestock house.

  • adsorbs the ammonia in the environment which is in gas form.

  • decreases the fly larvae population.

Healthy and Happy Animals

Having ammonia gas in the poultry / livestock house continuously at high concentrations has negative impacts on animals’ overall health conditions and their product yield efficiency. As ammonia is accumulated more and more in the environment over time, the acidicity of the animal bedding increases, which in turn causes burns in poultry animals’ feet and chests. Zeolite is a highly efficient and effective solution to health problems that occur due to ammonia:

  • Zeolite prevents the increase of the animal bedding’s acidicity, and prevents the foot and chest burns that are otherwise commonly observed among the poultry.

  • By preventing the bedding from getting harder, it provides a dry and healthy bedding for poultry / livestock houses on a continuous basis. By providing a soft bedding, Zeolite also prevents the poultry from having decubits complications.

  • Zeolite helps poultry & livestock avoid diarrhea that otherwise occurs due to lying down continuously on wet and hard bedding.

  • Zeolite helps prevent eye and respiratory system complications that otherwise commonly occur due to irritations and damages by the ammonia gas.

  • Zeolite prevents the foot and chest burns that otherwise occur due to phosphorus.

  • Zeolite relieves the animals’ level of stress, as the bedding that it provides has a natural negative charge on its surface and adsorbs animals’ positive static electricity charge.

Precious Fertiliser Rich in Nutrients

Zeolite is a multi-functional product which is beneficial for both your poultry / livestock house and your soil:

  • By using Zeolite, you acquire dry, odourless, precious fertiliser rich in nutrients (Zeolite increases the cation exchange capacity and water retention capacity of the soil, and the nutrient utilisation rates of the soil as well). For soil conditioner applications please check here.

  • Zeolite irreversibly binds onto itself the harmful microorganisms and toxins that are found in animals’ feces.

  • Zeolite decreases the salinity level of the soil.

  • Zeolite renders the carrying and transport of the fertiliser a lot easier.

Cost & Yield

Decreases the manpower needed to allocate to the cleaning of animal bedding and of other equipment. The utilisation of Zeolite in animal bedding has positive impacts on animals’ growth rate, feed conversion rate, and overall strength for living. Zeolite is your budget-friendly, versatile and efficient solution for poultry / livestock house bedding.

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Cat Litter

Zeolite is as a natural non-clumping cat litter product. It is widely used since 1980's. It is one of the few natural mineral that is completely safe as a cat litter. It is harmless even if digested. It is a non-toxic and environmental friendly product.

Zeolite can be used alone or can be mixed with other additives to achieve clumping properties. Since 2000's, with the emergence of clumping litters, it is mostly popular as a raw material for complex litters, to increase the ammonia absorption capacity of the litter. Due to some health concerns over clumping litters, Zeolite still has its own legitimate share among the end users, since it contains no additives that can be toxic for the animal. Zeolite prevents the growth of bacteria, parasite, or mite.

Zeolite has high cation exchange capacity and high water absorption capacity. Through cation exchance it removes ammonia and bad odors much more effectively than clumping litters. By water holding capacity it absorbs the urine completely and removes the wetness inside the litter box.

Zeolite can be used and disposed easily. It has a reasonably long tray life. Non-clumping cat litters are more appealing for most of the cats since they are not annoyed by the hard clumped litter in the box. The sticky properties of the clumping litter allows litter to stick to cat's paws and create a great deal of fuss around the litter box. Moreover cat usually licks his paws and eats the undesirable substance at the litter. Zeolite doesn't stick to paws or furs since it has no clumping property.

Zeolite is also popular among bird lovers as a bird litter!