Comparative Analysis of Performance of Hot Mix Asphalt and Zeolite Modified Warm Mix Asphalt in Flexible Pavements


Abstract: Warm mix asphalt (WMA) is a recent technology used to reduce the mixing and compaction temperatures without affecting the quality of pavement. Warm mix asphalt is a bituminous mixture where all its constituents are mixed, placed, compacted at medium temperature. A number of WMA processes have been developed in recent days. One of the processes includes the use of zeolite as an additive. An attempt has been made in the laboratory to develop warm mix asphalt mixes using zeolite as an additive at a specified mixing and compaction temperature which were obtained after a number of trials. Two mixes with graded aggregates were made at varying temperatures (1550c.1250c and 1100c). The zeolite content was 0.3% by weight of aggregate. Stone dust was used as filler for the samples. VG 30 grade bitumen was used as binder for both the mixes. Marshall Procedure has been used for preparation of samples and evaluation of bituminous mixes. The volumetric properties (VA, VMA and VFB), stability, flow value and optimum binder content of the mix samples have been investigated. The optimum binder content of the WMA and HMA samples was found to be 6.2% and 5.6% respectively.

Author: Gitahi Gichuhi

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