FAMI-QS and FCA (OVOCOM) Mutual Recognition Arrangements


On December 7th 2017, FAMI-QS and OVOCOM have signed a renewed mutual recognition agreement. The agreement is valid for two years, e.g. until December 31st 2019 and only for the FAMI-QS Version 5.1.
The renewal of the mutual recognition agreement is based on the trust between FAMI-QS and OVOCOM, which has been established since the first mutual recognition, signed back in 2006. The two organizations are committed to further strengthen their cooperation, on topics like incident management, harmonization of scheme requirements, and supply chain.
The scope of the agreement comprises the production and trade of additives, premixes and a limited list of feed materials (former additives according to Regulation 892/2010, Annex I).
For details about the correct implementation of this mutual recognition agreement, you are referred to the relevant scheme documents (FAMI-QS Certification Instruction CI-17-02 and FCA document BT-02), which will be updated as soon as possible.

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