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Where The Quality Takes Form

Rota Mining's production facilities are located in Gördes / Manisa; only a few km to the company's zeolite reserves. Gördes region is famous for its rich mineral deposits, varying from Nickel to Zeolite. Rota Mining supplies all possible services and consumables from the region and offers job opportunities in order to promote the economic growth of Gördes. All the members of our team are locals of the region, working diligently and with care, making us proud.


Since 2013, Rota Mining carries its production in two different facilities. The former facility is specialized in the production of granule products; while the latter facility is mainly focused in the production of powder - micronized products.


The Granule Production Facility

It is the primary facility. It was first built in 2003 with a single production line. The second production line followed in 2007 to meet the increasing demand.

The factory is established very close to the Rota Mining's reserves, just a few kilometers away. It is located on a 25.000 sqm land, with 10.000 sqm of closed area and 7.500 sqm top-closed raw material storage area.

The facility was modernized in 2011 and the production capacity was increased up to 50.000 tons per year. The production of whole granule products is still carried on in this facility through 5 different packing units. This facility is equipped to carry out the production of 8 different products and 5 different types of order simultaneously.


The Micronization Facility

It is the second facility of Rota Mining in Gordes, at a 5 km distance to the Granule Production Facility. It was built in 2013 to meet the growing demand for powder products.

It is located on a 2.000 sqm land with 1.000 sqm closed area. The facility includes the quality control lab.

The production of powder and micronized products is realized in this facility. Special milling techniques are used to enrich the ore, increase the purity of the mineral and to activate the clinoptilolite. The facility can produce 3 different powder and/or micronized sizes at the same time.

Extra dried products for special applications are produced at this site as well. Furthermore, Rota Mining has been manufacturing pelleted products for shrimp & fish ponds at this site since 2014.

Currently the facility carries on its production on three different mills, with 10.000 tons production capacity per year.

Both facilities are only 150 km away from the Izmir Port, from where Rota Mining exports its products. Izmir Port is the biggest container port in Turkey. Nearly all the biggest shipping lines give service from this port, offering optimal freight prices for all destinations all over the world. Close proximity to the Izmir Port and the favorable freight prices of the lines, provides a competitive edge to Rota amongst other players in the Global Zeolite Market.



Rota Mining Headquarter is located at the Anatolian Side of Istanbul. Istanbul is one of the biggest cities in Europe, being the capital of culture and business in Turkey. Sales, marketing, accounting and general management department are at this office. We are able to offer samples in kg from all our grades from this office. Since Istanbul is a center for freight destinations, we can deliver on most of the sample requests from Europe in a day. Ask for a sample today and you will receive it tomorrow!