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Quality Under Control

Rota Mining takes every precaution to keep the high quality of its ore undamaged and uncontaminated during production. Even more, exercises the latest technologies at its plants to increase the purity and effectiveness of the material. Quality Control team ensures that the production at every stage is in harmony with the Quality Code of Practice; taking samples from daily production and from each order; analyzing and monitoring them to offer you the best quality natural zeolite mineral at the market.

“Rota Mining, in this facility, produces the highest quality natural zeolite mineral in the World. “
Please check our CEO, Gültekin Ayvazoğlu's Quality Policy Statement.

At Rota Mining's facilities, production is carried under the strict FAMI-QS Quality Control System. FAMI-QS is the Quality and Safety System for Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures. The FAMI-QS Code addresses safety, quality and regulatory compliance of specialty feed ingredients and their mixtures by:

  • minimizing the risk of unsafe specialty feed ingredients and their mixtures entering the feed and food chain;

  • enabling an operator to implement the objectives of the Feed Hygiene Regulation (183/2005/EC);

  • and providing measures to ensure that other feed safety regulatory requirements are met.

Our production facilities are registered in the QS quality scheme database with the number ID: 4953113178402. You can check their website here.


To check our FAMI-QS certificate please click here.
For more information about FAMI-QS please check its website or check their flyer.


Rota Mining’s products are certified as inputs usable in Organic Agriculture according to regulation (EU) no 2018/848 & 2021/1165.


To check our Organic Agriculture Certificate please click here.
For more information about Organic Agriculture, please check the EU website.


The quality of our packages integrates with the quality of our mineral. Rota Mining supplies certified packaging materials from trusted producers. All products are labelled and batched for ease of traceability. Please check our packaging and labeling options here.

Rota Mining monitors and abides by legal and other regulatory requirements concerning;
• its operation,
• the protection of the environment,
• the health & safety of its employees.

Rota Mining values the feedbacks and complaints of its customers to improve its production and services. The implementation of the system has improved due to the relationship with our suppliers and our customers by establishing a two-way communication and a mutual trust and understanding. Please don't hesitate to call +90 (216) 385 16 00 or e-mail us for any feedback.