Pure Combination of Yeast Polysaccharide and Aluminosilicate

After several years of prospect, Rota Mining now combined its high quality hydrated aluminosilicate (HSCAS) with specially produced best quality inactive yeast, to offer a wider spectrum of toxin binding and as well as offering the necessary nutrients and proteins for animals. The purity of the aluminosilicate is enriched and and the effectiveness is specially activated for this premix.

HSCAS is natural multifunctional toxin binder absorbing free ammonia and free heavy metals in the digestion system. It is a natural mineral with excellent purity.

HSCAS’s highly porous structure provides large surface areas on which chemical reactions and cation exchanges can take place. It has a natural negative charge which gives it a high cation exchange capacity (CEC). Due to this superior capacity it can adsorb ammonium, toxins and heavy metals like Ni, Pb, Hg and Cd.

Cation Exchange Capacity is a measure of the amount of cations (positively-charged ions) that clay can catch. Since mycotoxins, toxins, heavy metals and ammonium are all positively charged; they are easily trapped by cation exchangers. HSCAS is the perfect binder with one of the highest CEC in all feed additives. Aluminosilicate in Manisa / Gördes reservoir has one of the highest CEC in all reservoirs in the world.

Inactive yeast is produced by the autolysis of disintegrated cells of the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiaeed. It naturally contains Mannoproteins, Glucan, Beta-Glucan and Kitin which are all beneficial for animals. As a feed additive it promotes growth performance, increases immunocompetence, and the reduces E. coli colonization.

Mycotoxin Binder

Ammonia Adsorbent

Heavy Metal Remover

Anticaking & Flow Ability Agent

While other binders act as sponges absorbing vitamins, amino acids and nutrients besides mycotoxins; ROTAMIN GOLD is a selective polar binder which has a binding affinity and selectivity for only positively charged ions (cations) like toxins, ammonia or heavy metals. It has no binding affinity for antibiotics, coccidiostats, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, other nutrients and feed additives. Effective diameter of aluminosilicate’s pores are 4 Ångstrom (0,4 nm). Antibiotics, coccidiostats, vitamins, minerals and amino acids which have diameters larger than 4 Ångstrom; can’t be trapped inside its cages, like they do by the other toxin binders.

Mycotoxin-Free Feeds

  • Binds mycotoxins, toxins and heavy metals in the feed. Especially effective against aflatoxins.
  • Keeps up the flow ability of the feed. Acts as a anticaking agent.
  • Improves uniform dispersion of feed ration ingredients by reducing agglomeration during mixing.
  • Improves feed durability and quality.
  • Makes feed handling and storage easier.
  • Removes excess moisture.


  • Provides high return on investment at low cost.
  • Maximizes conversion and productivity.
  • Reduces mortality and mycotoxicosis costs.
  • More valuable manure.
  • Enables urea containing diets.
  • Increases efficiency and cost effectiveness of ration assimilation.
  • Easily replaceable with Sodium Bentonite or any other Rumen Buffers.


Environmentally Friendly

  • 100 % natural and environmentally safe.
  • Prevents groundwater contamination.
  • Improves air quality.

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Toxins cause low egg yields, decrease in broiler weight, damages to liver and kidneys, weaknesses in the immunity system and increasing mortality rates for the poultry. ROTAMIN GOLD, thanks to Rota Mining's high end combination technology and high quality ingredients, improves growth performance dramatically by decreasing intestinal pH and reducing pathogenic load or increasing immunocompetence. It is highly effective in reducing E. coli colonization in the intestine of the broilers.

ROTAMIN GOLD, when applied to egg-laying poultry;

  • Increases the feed conversion rate.

  • As it leads to increase in the functionality of Calcium, it improves the quality of eggs’ crust and it prevents the production of eggs with cracked or no crust.

  • Prevents the eggs’ crust from having a smooth surface.

  • Helps the eggs have a natural color.

  • Extends the shelf life of eggs.

  • Aged broilers’ yield is increased towards the standard yield; it increases the egg yield.

  • Prevents the negative consequences that mycotoxins normally lead to the occurrence of.

ROTAMIN GOLD when applied to broiler poultry;

  • By binding the mycotoxins and heavy metals, it removes them from the broiler’s body.

  • Extends the shelf life of the meat by providing for the production of high-quality meat.

  • Increases the feed conversion rate.

  • By strengthening broilers’ bone structure, it prevents the leg bone irregularities, which are commonly observed in broiler poultry husbandry, from occurring.

  • Prevents the spoiling of the homogeneous look of the broiler poultry stock.

  • Decreases the water content of the poultry feces.

  • Decreases the occurrence of diarrhea.

  • Provides high resistance against Salmonella.

Valuable Manure Rich in Nutrients

  • Drier, less odorous and more valuable manure richer in nutrients (CEC improvement, water retention and nutrient utilization in the soil).

  • Reduces salt levels in manure.

  • Makes handling and transportation easier.

  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly manure.

  • Increases efficiency at biogas facilities.


Rotamin Gold is not a medicine. It is a feed additive. It cannot be used for therapeutic or medical purposes.
Please consult your veterinary for application.