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Fast Service & Favorable Pricing

Rota Mining can offer its products under FOB, CFR, DAP terms. Our facilities are only 150 km away from the Izmir Port, one of the biggest container port in Turkey. Rota Mining can offer very favorable freight prices and fast service, thanks to the world-wide know agencies serving at this port. From Izmir port, we ship our products to more than 50 countries all over the world. We can use stamped- euro pallet for your orders or just pile up the products into the container without any pallet, depending on your choice. We can offer carton box or shrink for extra protection. Many granule and powders product can be load loaded into the container in bulk.

Container, Ship, Truck...

Container - Products on Pallet

Regular Products: 20 tons / 20' container.
Activated, very fine products: 24 tons / 40' container.
Products packed in 500 kg bigbag: 24 tons / 40' container.

Container - Piled Up Products Without Pallet

Regular products 24 - 25 tons / 20' container.
Activated, very fine products: 24 - 25 tons / 40' container.

Container - Bulk Products

24 - 25 tons / 20' container.

Ship's Hold

Bigbag loading into the ship's hold.
Available for large quantities.

Truck - Packed Products

20 - 25 tons / truck.
With or without pallet.

Truck - Bulk Products

20 - 25 tons / container.