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Where The Quality Begins

The quality of a mineral depends on its purity. Rota Mining owns millions of tons of proven high quality natural zeolite - clinoptilolite mineral reserve in Gördes / Manisa, Turkey. The reserves are especially chosen after the careful exploration of the Istanbul Technical University for its purity and for its ease of extraction. The reserves are mostly located on extractable lands, on an area of 738 hectares.

Right now production is utilized in two different mine pits. Both mines are just a few kilometres away from the production facilities. Please check our facility and the reserves at google map.

Rota's reserves are worldwide famous for its incredible purity, with an average of 92%.
The reservoir is constantly monitored with regular analysis to keep the purity stable. The extraction is carefully planned to extract the best quality ore at the mine.
In order to prevent any heavy metal contamination, Rota Mining never uses dynamites or explosives in any part of the extraction.
Whole extraction operation is carried out by Rota's own excavators, after carefully removing the covering non-zeolite top layers which can reduce the purity of the product if contaminated with the reserve.
Raw material is stored at a top closed storage area in order to guarantee the sustainability of the production during harsh winter times. The extraction is carried out during spring and summer only; but the production continues without any recess throughout the whole year.

The high quality of the reservoir is not enough to offer high quality zeolite - clinoptilolite products to the end user. The quality of the ore must be kept intact during extraction, transportation, storage and production.

In order to keep the fineness of the ore, Rota Mining carries the extraction process meticulously under a strict procedure.
Firstly, the reserve layers are carefully analysed for purity. Then the extraction plan is organized according to the results. Impurities like the top soil, different grade top layers or low quality ore can spoil the fineness of the reserve. The reserve area is completely cleared of these impurities. before extraction. Otherwise the raw material can easily be contaminated with undesired substances.

Rota Mining carries out the extraction only with excavators. No dynamite or explosive is used in any part of the extraction. These kind of explosives can easily contaminate the mineral; especially the natural zeolite - clinoptilolite mineral, which is very sensitive heavy elements. Once used, there is no possible way to separate the harmful substances of explosives from the mineral. Heavy metal content of the dynamite can easily contaminate the mineral.

The transportation of the raw material from reservoir to the production facilities is carried out by Rota Mining's own trucks; in order to prevent any possible cross contamination during transport.

The raw material is stored under a special top closed raw material storage area, until production. Here the raw material is protected against any possible contamination due to animals, humans, exhaust gases, rain, wind or sun. Once extracted, clinoptilolite mineral can lose efficiency and its cation exchange capacity can decrease, if it is kept outside without production for a long time.

In short, the fineness of the ore is nothing, unless maintained throughout the process until the end user.