We had a wonderful exhibition in VIV Nanjing. This is our second exhibition in China and every time we are glad that we are here. Chinese market is a big one but also a tough one. It is hard to compete with the local products unless you offer something high quality. Many big players in the market entered Chinese market with a great enthusiasm but had to leave in a few years since their product didn’t meet the harsh criteria of the Chinese Government. Our Rotamin Feed Additive is already registered for 5 years now and we hope to expand our market in different sectors too.

For example we want to increase our share in the aquaculture sector. That’s why after the exhibition we’ll fly south, to Xiamen to get together with the fish, shrimp, crab, lobster producers. In China, fresh water production is incredible, like in the other South Asian countries. But still their rivers and lakes are too much polluted due to wastes of farms and industries. We are here to solve their problem.

Please check more photos from our exhibition here.

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