December 15, 2016

Comparative Analysis of Performance of Hot Mix Asphalt and Zeolite Modified Warm Mix Asphalt in Flexible Pavements

A number of WMA processes have been developed in recent days. One of the processes includes the use of zeolite as an additive.
May 3, 2014

A Statistical Approach for Arsenic Adsorption onto Turkey Clinoptilolite

The present study investigated the optimization of arsenic adsorption onto natural clinoptilolite (NC-Na).
September 27, 2012

Investment in Mining & Beneficiation in Turkey – A National Imperative

This article explains the profile of mining in Turkey under the "Economic and Currency", "Political Stability and Political Risk", "Social Issues", "Permitting", "Tax Liability" headings.
December 19, 2010

Ammonium And Lead Exchange In Clinoptilolite Zeolite Column

In this study, the use of ion exchange theory utilizing natural Turkish clinoptilolite zeolite from Gördes-Manisa as ion exchange resins in down-flow column mode is investigated.